Linda Ganca (Chairperson)

Board - Linda Ganca (2)

Linda Ganca has dual qualifications in both teaching and social work. She also holds an MPhil degree in Palliative Medicine and convenes the undergraduate palliative medicine programmes in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at UCT. Linda is a dynamic lecturer and has first hand experience of the needs of chronically ill children having worked previously at st Joseph’s Children’s home. Apart from her knowledge of Palliative Care, Linda is also a skilled communicator and speaks 4 South African languages.


Scott Hindmarch (Treasurer)

 Board - Scott Hindmarch (2)Scott is a qualified Chartered Accountant and spent 4 years in the investment banking sector in London. He relocated to Cape Town in 2001 to become involved in the self storage property business. Scott has experience managing entrepreneurial type businesses and in managing various properties including new developments and renovations. He is an active mountain biker, paddler, occasional jogger and wanna-be paraglider, 4X4 enthusiast and cattle farmer! Scott is married and has 2 children.

Dr Maylene Shung-King (member)

 Maylene is maylenea medical doctor by profession. She worked as the deputy director/director of the Children’s Institute at UCT for several years. This Child Policy Research Institute very successfully helped to place a number of child policy and programme issues on the national policy making agenda. Maylene’s experience in policy making processes adds value to the Paedspal board as South Africa currently has no palliative care policy and this needs to be put on both national and provincial agendas in a way that meets the needs of the chronically ill child.

Dr Michelle Meiring (ex officio)


Michelle is the founding director of Paedspal and a Paediatric Palliative Care Consultant. She has over 13 years experience in paediatric palliative care and in the NGO sector. Her task at Paedspal is to provide management oversight and clinical leadership. Michelle is a senior lecturer in Palliative Medicine at UCT where she convenes the paediatric elective for the Postgraduate Diploma at UCT and is also the chairperson of PATCH-SA (a national paediatric palliative care network).