MichelleDr Michelle Meiring |CEO/Paediatrician

Michelle is the founding director of Paedspal and a Paediatric Palliative Care Consultant. She has over 13 years experience in paediatric palliative care and in the NGO sector. Her task at Paedspal is to provide management oversight and clinical leadership. Michelle is a senior lecturer in Palliative Medicine at UCT where she convenes the paediatric elective for the Postgraduate Diploma at UCT and is also the chairperson of PATCH-SA (a national paediatric palliative care network).







TraceyDr Tracey Nupen | Paediatrician

Tracey is a General Paediatrician who is currently enrolled in the Diploma in Palliative Medicine at UCT. Her main role on the team is to assess and manage the patients referred to Paedspal in conjunction with the consultant and other team members. Tracey is the front-line paediatrician for our hospital service and also does sessions in the POPU. In addition to the clinical work, Tracey plays a vital role in the coordination of multi-disciplinary team meetings with primary providers, advance care planning and community liaison.






TeresaDr Teresa Jennings | Medical Officer

Teresa is a General Practitioner with a Diploma in Child Health as well as a Diploma in Palliative Medicine. Teresa has worked for many years in community based facilities such as Themba Care and Sarah Fox hospital and has 6 years experience working in research in Paediatric HIV and TB. Teresa assists Michelle and Tracey in the assessment and management of hospitalised patients on a sessional basis and will manage the PIPU patients once the unit is set up.




Dr Lindsay Farrant | Medical Officer

Lindsay is a General Practitioner with a Masters in Palliative Medicine and a Diploma in HIV Management.  Lindsay has worked in Palliative Medicine since 2007, with an interest in adult and paediatric palliative care and palliative care research. Lindsay worked in adult palliative care with Wits Palliative Care at Chris Hani Baragwanath and Helen Joseph Hospitals before moving to Cape Town where she worked with the Cape Town Bigshoes team providing hospital paediatric palliative care. Lindsay assists the team at the outpatient clinic (POPU) on a sessional basis.




FionaFiona McLennan | Aromatherapist

Fiona qualified as a lawyer but has been working as a part-time Aromatherapist at Red Cross and Sarah Fox hospitals. She completed her Diploma in Palliative Medicine at UCT in 2015. Fiona is part of the psycho-social support team at Paedspal and provides aromatherapy services to children and caregivers. Fiona assisted with the registration and set up of Paedspal as an organisation and is the Board secretary. She also assists with the facebook page, marketing and volunteers. 



Dianne Burger | Family CounsellorDi Burger (2)

Di is a Family Counsellor registered with the South African Council for Counsellors and has over 25 years’ experience working as a volunteer in adult palliative care at St Luke’s hospice. Di has been working in paediatric palliative care for the last 6 years and is part of the psycho-social support team at Paedspal.  She does individual and group counselling (including family meetings) as well as professional and staff debriefing. Di also plays a pivotal role in Paedspal’s bereavement support services.





nonoNoncedo Nakani | Medical Social Worker

Noncedo is a qualified Medical Social Worker with over 10 years experience. At Paedspal Noncedo provides grief and loss support to our families and also conducts regular hospital and home visits. She has extensive experience working as a Statutory Social Worker at Cape Town Child Welfare and a Social Worker at the New Somerset Hospital. Noncedo also has experience as an Adherence Coordinator at Medscheme where she provided individual and group support sessions through emotional support interventions.






Angela Rackstraw (2)Angela Rackstraw | Art Therapist

Angela (MA Art Therapy, UK) is a trained paediatric nurse and a registered Art Psychotherapist who has over 20 years of experience providing art therapy to children at Red Cross and in the community. Angela provides consultant services to Paedspal to assist with the provision of psychological support to children who need help to express themselves. She is also involved with our bereavement services. Angela was listed by Ode Magazine and Archbishop Desmond Tutu as one of 2008 Intelligent Optimists.





Adelah Ederies | Operations/Office Manager

Adelah Ederies (BComm) is the HR and Financial Consultant for Paedspal. Adelah has many years experience working in the corporate sector in human resource management. Adelah’s task is to set up Paedspal’s human resource, administrative and financial management systems.







Nompiyakhe Mfanta  | Office Administrator 

Nompi joined Paedspal in July 2016 and has become an integral part of the team. She ensures our patients and their families are well received at our outpatient unit. She effortlessly supports the entire team with administrative duties and making sure that the office runs smoothly. Nompi has over 15 years experience in the digital printing industry and took the courageous leap to join the NGO sector.