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Dr Michelle Meiring  |  CEO and Paediatrician

Michelle is the founding director of Paedspal and a Paediatric Palliative Care Consultant. She has over 17 years’ experience in paediatric palliative care and in the NGO sector. Her task at Paedspal is to provide management oversight and clinical leadership. Michelle is a senior lecturer in Palliative Medicine at UCT where she convenes the Paediatric option to the Postgraduate Diploma at UCT and is also the chairperson of PatchSA (the South African national paediatric palliative care network). Michelle is an active advocate for children and especially palliative care and has been involved in policy making at a national level. She speaks regularly at local, national and international conferences and was one of 4 editors of the latest (3rd ) edition of the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Care for Children.



Dr Tracey Nupen | Paediatrician

Tracey is a Paediatrician with s Diploma in Palliative Medicine. She is part of the Paedspal Out-Patient Unit (POPU) team. This multidisciplinary team assess both physical and psychosocial needs within each unique family and  work with them to address these needs. Tracey and the POPU team aim to maintain a safe and nurturing space to plan short, medium and long term holistic care for children with complex needs.



Dr Lyndal Gibbs | Paediatrician

Lyndal is a qualified Paediatrician and obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Palliative Care in 2018. She joined the Paedspal family 3 years ago and is the team co-ordinator for the hospital-based service. She also lectures the UCT undergraduate medical students and Paediatric registrars. Lyndal is passionate about providing ethical, holistic care for all children with complex Palliative Care needs.

Dr Teresa Jennings | Medical Officer

Teresa is a General Practitioner with a Diploma in Child Health, a Diploma in HIV Management as well as a Diploma in Palliative Medicine. Teresa has worked for many years in community based facilities and has 6 year’s experience working in research in Paediatric HIV and TB.



Fiona McLennan | Aromatherapist

Fiona qualified as a lawyer but changed to complementary health in 2001. She is a registered Therapeutic Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. She completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine at UCT in 2015 and has been employed at Paedspal since it started. Fiona coordinates the psychosocial team at Paedspal and offers massage to parents and sick children both at the outpatient unit and at Red Cross hospital. She also coordinates the Volunteer Programme and Social Media at Paedspal.

Dianne Burger | Family Counsellor

Di is a registered family counsellor who has many years ‘experience in both adult and paediatric palliative care.  She is a member of the Paedspal Psychosocial Team. Di offers counselling to individuals, couples and family groups, depending on the need. She plays a pivotal role in the provision of bereavement support as well as providing a safe space for staff to debrief.


Noncedo Nakani | Medical Social Worker

Noncedo is a qualified Medical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience. At Paedspal Noncedo provides grief and loss support to our families and also conducts regular hospital and home visits. She has extensive experience working as a Statutory Social Worker at Cape Town Child Welfare and a Social Worker at the New Somerset Hospital. Noncedo also has experience as an Adherence Coordinator at Medscheme where she provided individual and group support sessions through emotional support interventions.  Noncedo completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine at UCT in 2018.




Sister Manda Kanka | Professional Nurse

Manda Kanka, was born and raised on a farm in the Northern Cape. After high school, she moved to Cape Town where she completed her Diploma in general, midwifery, community, and psychiatry nursing at what was then known to be Nico Malan Nursing College. She proceeded to work at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital from 1993 until 2013. After working for 20 years at this hospital she then moved over to Sarah Fox Convalescent Children’s Hospital in June of 2013 where she shifted her focus towards palliative and intermediate care and remained there for 4 and a half years. Manda is currently employed at Paedspal as a professional nurse and completed the Diploma in Palliative Medicine (Paediatrics) at the University of Cape Town in 2018.




Angela Rackstraw | Art Therapist

Angela Rackstraw  (MA Art Psychotherapy, UK) is an artist, trained paediatric nurse, and a registered Art Psychotherapist who has over 25 years of experience providing art therapy to children at Red Cross and in the community. Angela provides consultant services to Paedspal to assist with the provision of psychological support to children who need help to express themselves. She also runs a support group for bereaved mothers, as well as assisting with support on a one-on-one basis with both adults and children.


Mari Stevens | Music Therapist

Mari Stevens is a registered music therapist (MA Music Therapy) and forms part of the psychosocial support team at Paedspal. Mari has over 7 years experience in the NGO sector where she has gained extensive experience working with complex trauma, specifically  with children and youth in underserved communities.  This also included places that offered palliative care services such as Sarah Fox Home, Nazareth House, Sibongile House and Friends Day Care. As a private practitioner, she offers therapeutic services to a wide range of  client groups of all ages including psychiatry, trauma and neuro-rehabilitation.










Adelah Ederies | Chief Operating Officer

Adelah Ederies (BComm) has over 10 years’ experience working in the corporate sector as a HR professional. She joined Paedspal in February 2016 as a HR and Financial Consultant and her main tasks then was to set up Paedspal’s HR, administrative and financial management systems. Today, Adelah is our COO and oversees, manages and controls Paedspal’s ongoing business operations. She also ensures that there are effective admin procedures and reporting controls in place as well as sound financial and HR management. Adelah is Secretary to the Paedspal Board.


Nompiyakhe Mfanta  | Office Administrator

Nompi joined Paedspal in July 2016 and has become an integral part of the team. She ensures our patients and their families are well received at our outpatient unit. She effortlessly supports the entire team with administrative duties and making sure that the office runs smoothly. Nompi has over 15 years experience in the digital printing industry and took the courageous leap to join the NGO sector. Nompi has also completed a qualification as a social auxiliary worker in early 2020.





Robertha Davids  | Office Administrator

Robbie joined Paedspal in May 2018. She supports the Paedspal team with organisational duties. Robbie has over 20 years administrative experience in the customer service industry and joined the NGO sector to allow for more time with her family and to find a more meaningful position.





Humbert Kordom  | Driver (Footprints 4 Sam)

Humbert, known as Humbie, is one of the Footprints 4 Sam Drivers. Humbie started with Footprints 4 Sam in March 2018.  He has been a driver for 16 years, working at Avis and also doing long distance driving. He sees his work with Footprints 4 Sam and Paedspal not as a job but as a calling. He has learnt that many of our patients have many difficulties in their lives as well as having a sick child and with this, he has learnt patience with the patients! He takes patients to their Paedspal appointments but also to their regular Red Cross appointments.