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The Vision of Paedspal Cape Town is to enable children with life-limiting conditions to live as well as possible for as long as possible.


The Mission of Paedspal Cape Town to ensure the best possible quality of life for these children; to provide optimal support for their families; and to work alongside their primary care teams and their community.


The mission of Paedspal Cape Town is achieved through the following objectives:

Clinical Services

  • To provide specialist multi-disciplinary palliative care services in hospitals, in a paediatric palliative care out-patient unit (POPU) and in the future in a paediatric palliative care in-patient unit (PIPU);
  • To work in partnership with patients’ primary care providers, family, professionals and community to ensure the best possible management of children to maximize their quality of life;
  • To assist our children, patients, families and professionals with the management of the terminal phase in the place of choice, in partnership with hospitals, hospices and community based organisations.


  • To provide training and mentorship for professionals and other palliative care providers in paediatric pain management and palliative care;
  • To provide clinical experience for local, regional, national, African and international practitioners wishing to increase their skills in paediatric pain management and palliative care.


  • To provide holistic support for patients as well as parents and family of children with chronic pain or palliative care conditions from diagnosis through to bereavement and post-bereavement.


  • To provide holistic support to patients and families including Occupational Therapy, Aromatherapy, Music Therapy and Art Therapy.


  • To collaborate with national, African and international researchers to increase the evidence base for treatment and practices in the field of Paediatric Palliative Care and Pain Management.